Lessons for all levels – children to seniors

  • Piano / Keyboard

  • Guitar (acoustic or electric)

  • Bass Guitar

  • Ukulele

  • Songwriting

  • Digital Production

  • (or any combination of the above!)

Dimitri Zucker is a music teacher in the Bay Area, available for digital or in-person lessons with students of any age. His teaching method uses a combination of traditional music theory and fun creativity, keeping the student able to enjoy their time practicing while still learning the core foundational skills in their instrument of choice.



Due to Covid, all lessons are currently being offered digitally at a discounted rate. The lessons are still one-one-one, just held through an online platform like Zoom or Skype.


Digital lesson rates:

- $35 per 30-minute lesson

- $50 per 45-minute lesson

- $60 per 60-minute lesson

An optional introductory 20-minute trial lesson is free to see if the student is interested in continuing lessons and/or to help the student figure out which instrument is best for them. For students that want to continue weekly, lessons are booked one month at a time. 

About Dimitri:

Dimitri grew up in Berkeley, CA, and still lives locally. After taking piano lessons at a young age, he ended up becoming interested in music theory and learned several other instruments over the years. Dimitri worked at a music shop selling and renting instruments for a few years before transitioning into music teaching in 2017. Since then, he has taught a variety of students and families of different levels and backgrounds, many of whom are still taking weekly lessons with him.

Outside of teaching, Dimitri likes writing his own songs and collaborating with other musicians in both studio and live settings. He also enjoys nature, writing, filmmaking, and his two cats.


for Children and Adults