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for Children and Adults


"Dimitri is my favorite piano teacher - he makes it fun and intersting to learn."

      – student

"He always speaks to the children with respect, explains things in a way that they understand, and makes them want to practice in-between lessons." 

    – parent

"Dimitri explains things clearly and progresses in a sequence that I can follow and understand. He is very sensitive to my learning abilities."

      – adult student


Music lessons:

  • Piano / Keyboard

  • Guitar (acoustic or electric)

  • Bass Guitar

  • Ukulele

  • Songwriting

  • Digital Production

  • (or any combination of the above!)

Math tutoring:

  • High-school math classes

  • Test preparation for SAT or ACT tests

  • Certain college classes and further math subjects (feel free to ask about whichever subject you want help with!)


As a teacher, Dimitri’s goal is to encourage students to have fun with the creative aspects of learning, while still getting the fundamental technical knowledge that will be useful to know. He has students of all ages and backgrounds, and believes it is never too early or late to learn new things.

Dimitri offers musical lessons on piano, guitar, and ukulele, as well as training in musical theory, songwriting, and/or digital production, for students who are interested. He also offers math tutoring for most high-school level (and certain college level) classes, including SAT preparation.



30-minute lesson / $35

45-minute lesson / $50

60-minute lesson / $60

Currently, all lessons are being offered online digitally (in-person lessons may be an option in the future). The lessons are one-on-one, held through an online platform like Zoom or Skype.

Lessons are typically held once a week, but other options are available. Sibling group lessons are also available.

A short, free introductory lesson is offered to those who want to check if it is a good fit.

About Dimitri:

Dimitri is a 29-year-old music and math teacher. He grew up in Berkeley, CA, and still lives locally. After taking piano lessons at a young age, he became interested in music theory and learned several other instruments over the years. He also has always enjoyed studying math through books and classes, with a goal of teaching others how to appreciate the fun aspects of numbers. Dimitri worked at a music shop co-managing the instrument sales and rentals for a few years before transitioning into teaching lessons for the shop’s students. Nowadays, Dimitri manages his own lessons and has students learning instruments like piano and guitar, as well as other students who are tutored in mathematical subjects. Outside of teaching private students, Dimitri also writes and films videos for his popular online series "Combo Class" on Youtube and Tiktok, to provide publically-available educational videos in a sillier, visually-engaging style.

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